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Norris Bell born June 21, 1960 also known as Coach Bo Bell is a retired professional basketball player. He is the principal owner and CEO of Bo Bell Basketball Academy. Coach Bell is a native Atlanta Georgian who for more than 40 years has dedicated his time, knowledge,skills, passion and love for the game of basketball. As a youth, Coach Bell played for North Fulton High School where it all begun. As the new kid coming in after a football injury with the determination and fire in his eyes, he knew that no was not a option for his life. He exceeded everyone’s expectations and the path was paved for his future. After high school Coach Bell attended Middle Georgia College for two years then transferred to Gardner Webb in Boiling Springs North Carolina. He played basketball for the Bulldogs and finish the remaining years of his college career.

In the spring of 1983 Coach Bell was attending the Atlanta Police Academy. The call of basketball ended that career path and open up an opportunity to sign as a free agent with the Atlanta Hawks. After a long deliberation with a trusted advisor he went for one year to the CBA with the Ohio Mixers in Lima Ohio where he earned the title rookie of the year.

Coach Bell always lived his life by the motto “God always gives us what we need not what we may desire”.
His first choice was the NBA but a scout from Europe made him an offer to play in the European professional league that he could not refuse. Paris France was the destination that enlighten him to a whole new world. In the European league he gained accolades while playing in France and Switzerland. He played against top players like Billy Knight,Ex Atlanta Hawks general manager, Michael Ray Richardson, Drazen Petrovic,Tony Kokoc,Avenis Sabonis and Bob Mcodoo to name a few. Playing with such powerful talent and having a competitive drive pushed Coach Bell to strive for the the top. The intensity of the game forced Coach Bell to escalate his game to the 10th power. This did not go unnoticed, he was named player of the year while playing for Asvel in Lyon France. Coach Bell earned the title as second leading scorer in his division. The following year he was named the third. Coach Bell also had the pleasure of playing in the European All-Star game where he was named MVP. He learn to speak fluent French and some Italian. He has been quoted as saying “I have been truly blessed to have traveled all over the world, this experience was a journey that I will never forget.

13 years later returning to the states with a strong desire to share the knowledge that he learned abroad. Fundamentals,disciplines and foot work that can only take a serious player to the top which is exactly what he did with the Atlanta Celtics basketball AAU program. Two national championships back to back and making it to the championship game a third-year and coming in first runner-up. In the four years as head coach the Celtics only lost six games. After the Celtics he was head coach for 5 years with the Georgia Stars. With a very successful record with the Stars organization He was also the director of player development and a original members of the Nike Skill Academy. For Coach Bell the intensity of the game and the competitiveness was just the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

In 1990 Norris Bell was voted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution as the number one playground legend. He has also been named AAU coach of the year on two occasions. With Coach Bell having such an incredible basketball career and maintaining a 97% winning percentage over his career many consider Coach Bell as having one of the top basketball minds in the country. With his experience and expertise he has played a major role in raising the bar for Georgia basketball nationally.

In the fall of 2011 the journey continues to Moncton Canada. The Miracles were founded in 2011 and made their debut in the inaugural 2011-2012 season of the National Basketball League of Canada. Coach Bell played a major role as General Manager and Head Coach for the organization.

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