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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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When Coach Bo told me in the spring of my son’s sophomore year that he was good enough to become “Mr. Georgia Basketball,” I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling. I wanted to say “Bo, I have already bought into your program. You don’t have to keep selling me.” We had been working with Bo about eight months at that point.

I knew that my son had all the athletic ability in the world, but he would need to make a tremendous leap in skill and confidence to reach such a lofty goal. It seemed like a dream that was simply out of reach for him.

We have worked with a lot of camps and “skill coaches” over the years and Norris “Bo” Bell is definitely one of the best. In addition to teaching basketball skills, Bo has a unique ability to reinforce what a kid does well, build on it, and draw out his or her inner confidence. Bo builds confidence!

After leading his Westlake team to the 2010 Georgia AAAAA championship game, my son reached that lofty goal. In March 2010 Marcus Thornton was named Georgia player of the year, “Mr. Georgia Basketball,” by both the Atlanta Tip-Off Club and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Marcus would have never reached this goal without the efforts of Coach Norris “Bo” Bell.

Billy Thornton, PhD.

My Name is Odette Russell, and I am the parent of Khalid “K” Mutakabbir (Peachtree Ridge HS junior), who participated in the October 13, 2007 “Ga Stars’ First Annual Evaluation Exposure Camp”. I stayed and watched during most of this function and observed a very well organized and beneficial event for my son. They started with mind and body development through lectures and fundamental skills training, which are the true pillars of basketball. They then spilt the players into teams and had the teams play each other. By the end of the day, each participant played within 5 to 6 games. Each ga me shifted the teams to be observed by a new group of coaches. Films and photographs were taking, documenting the event and allowing the coaches to evaluate each player. Documentation of the event will be distributed to each player as they will be receiving a report on their strengths and needed improvements. These reports will also be distributed to 300 nationwide colleges for them to review and consider for scholarships. This event only cost $85.00 and is well worth the amount. This is what we need to get my son exposed to the right colleges.

From my understanding each player was personally invited to participate in this event. These players were well mannered and carried themselves with good sportsmanship. On a personal note, I am a 5th degree Black Belt and discipline, focus and heart are the main attributes that are required from my students, as well as from my son. These attributes I also saw within these young men that were at this function.

I would not only recommend this camp to any well deserving child who has the love for basketball, but I would also not hesitate to have my son participate again and again.

I am very thankful that Coach Bo allowed my son to be a part of this wonderful event, and we look forward to his evaluation. – Odette Russell


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