Thank you, Bo Bell basketball family for all of your loyalty, support, and prayers during this pandemic that has literally rocked our nation. Let me first say to all of you, you all have been missed. As we move forward our primary focus will be protecting all of us and following the guidelines from the CDC. Our Reopening Plan for All Locations: Pertaining to CDC guidelines we have implemented temperature control monitoring upon entering the gym. All Coaches and staff will be required to wear mask. All basketballs must be sanitized frequently during workouts. Participants must sanitize their hands frequently doing workout sessions. All areas of play in the gym will be sanitized frequently. This will include door entrance and exits, bathrooms, and any additional equipment that we may use.

Phase 1 – As many of you are aware, we have been having virtual training online. Home videos are available. Contact Coach Bo for additional

Phase 2 – Our training sessions will start back with a maximum of six players per coach.

Phase 3 – Small Camps, 3 on 3 Tournaments and Games