As schools and offices are closed to slow down the rate of growth for Coronavirus cases:

  • Let’s make sure we understand what this new term actually means (see attached)
  • THIS IS NOT A SNOW DAY for the kids – refrain from Play dates, having friends/kids over for play time, etc.
  • Limit time out of home except outside with family only for exercise
  • Limit contractor visits to your homes only to critical issues and incidents
  • Visits to Movies, Restaurants, Malls etc. should be eliminated during this time of Social Distancing
  • Grocery store visits should only be as deemed necessary.

Social Events

  • Birthday parties or other celebrations should be limited to family households – (large group gatherings are not recommended)
  • Postponing large events to later dates would be best for all involved, as you can never tell where everyone else has been or who they have been on contact with.

Let’s make sure we find time for some exercise with the family outside, but not with other families or kids.  Ensure the kids are following School Directions regarding Online Lessons due to school closings.  We don’t want any of our kids to lose ground academically.  Continue to practice the WHO recommended practices and use this time to bring families closer together.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, concerns or need any assistance.


Team Bo Bell Board of Directors